About Glory of His Majesty Ministries

Welcome to Glory of His Majesty Inc. We are happy you are here.

The Ministry is anchored on holiness. We want to raise a generation of God fearing men and women whose mission to to fight against the kingdom of darkness and liberating Men and Women from the captivity of the devil.

We are a happy people.

Welcome home



I was delivered from the hands of kidnappers.

Acts 1:8

Wrote my exams with flying colours after many years of trying

Brother E.

I was riding motorcycle with my Son when we had an accident with a vehicle. I was in coma for 10days in hospital. While I was in coma, I saw an angel, he took me around heaven and hell.

Brother S

New Here?

Find out how, where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon!!
Bethel City, Naka Road, Makurdi, Benue State
Sun 7.00am - 9.55am Second Service: 10.00am - 11.55am
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